A little about us.... In 1946, the Bell 47 became the first helicopter certified for civilian use. Over 5600 were produced with approximately 1000 aircraft still flying worldwide today! Although Bell ceased manufacturing in 1973, the demand for the aircraft is still there.

With the transfer of the Model 47 Type Certificate, SB47 will be able to provide support for the existing aircraft by manufacturing replacement parts. Our goal is to keep the aircraft as a viable option for the many remaining Bell 47 operators.

Our company is no stranger to the Bell 47. Owner and president, Scott Churchill, has over 38 years operating experience as a pilot, mechanic, and inspector on the aircraft. With this experience, SB47 is looking forward to delivering unsurpassed quality and support! For more information, please contact us!

Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc.
PO Box 92
100 Minnesota Ave
Le Sueur MN 56058
Phone: 507-665-4064
Email: info@scottsbell47.com